Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sexy Mini Commissions

I finished off some Mini Commissions today that I'm going to send all the way to Germany tomorrow!! I think that is totally cool :) I hope the person I did these for really likes them because I know I like them a lot!! They turned out so great and I have not done minis of any of these characters yet...believe it or not!

anywho, here they are and back to work I go!

Monday, June 11, 2007

After Paradise Convention and My Book

As I posted in my past post I am getting published and now I can say more about it! A few of you who attend comic conventions might have heard of my friend Matthew, better known as the Black Bastard. After a few talks, I am the next artist on his new 4 issue mini series!! Thats right, a whole 4 issues. We are aiming to have a preview book out for San Diego so stay tuned! Once I can post a few pages of the book I will make sure to do it so everyone can check it out!!

Paradise is now over and wow I was commission busy this weekend! This was actually the first time I had to start a commission list and boy was I surprised about that! I also ended up leaving early on Sunday for Woofstock (you can find pictures from this under Otis-Ville). So over all I had a wonderful weekend. Thank you to everyone who came out to the con and big thanks to everyone who came by my table to say hey! A lot of familar faces came by :)

Also thank you to Steve and Morgan for sending me pictures and scans from the con. If you don't see your piece here, just send your commission over! Or even if its from a past con. I love to hang out to work I did at cons :)

My email:

Here are a few commissions I was able to get pictures of, and 3 commissions that were sent over to me through e-mail:

This was a commission/gift to my friend Shawn for always being kind enough to take care of the printing of my prints

Buffy stabbing Cap who is coming out of his grave...hehe..

The old school X-Men with a new guy from the new tv series:



Cloak and Dagger



I totally forgot who this character is, if you know please tell me! Anyone can reply to this post :)

This is totally sweet, Lois with Superman

My little pony dressed up as Wonderwoman

Another character who I forgot the name, oops. If you know tell me :)

Enjoy and till next time!

Monday, June 4, 2007

New Print - Flow

Paradise convention is coming up this weekend and I'm really excited to have a new print out for it. And here it is! This is an 11x17 size print. There will be another mini print for this convention as well that I should be posting by tomorrow night that will be a Paradise exclusive. So stay tuned