Monday, March 31, 2008

I Wanna Fly Like Superman

300 Lemmings

Look familiar? Lol. This was for a school project illustrating the concept behind an article we had to read and illustrate about flowers and their names being used in english and latin. I took from the art the whole concept of following the leader stupidly.

And for those of you who know who lemmings are...and those who don't. lemmings are little creatures who just follow each other...its does not matter where they go, they just follow


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Alice in Wonderland finals

here are the final versions of the Alice in Wonderland pieces...

btw...more to come still...i made this 3D :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Alice in Wonderland

Here are two roughs for ideas for a project involving Alice in Wonderland

Convention Updates and Project Updates

Hey guys...I thought its about time to post some con updates for everyone!

Hobby Star Toronto: April 12-13th
Toronto Convention Centre

Pittsburgh: April 24th-27th
Radisson Hotel

I also plan to attend a Vancouver in May, as well as Chicago in June, the Paradise Toronto con in July (thanks Jason!) as well, and who knows maybe San Diego without a table though :) But we will work on those updates as they get closer.

Cafe Press store items:

Japanese Girl..Pretty Flower

In addition to that, those that don't know here are links to other works that are up on CafePress:

Evilrabbit's Inked animals:

Evilrabbit's Inked animals:

Evilrabbit Himself:


One of my projects:


Franco from Blindwolf Studios got excited seeing Francis' (I guess mine too since we live together hehe)studio tour so he linked it to the blindwolf site. He is such an awesome guy! And awesome writer! I should know since I'm currently working with him on our own project to be published though Blindwolf studios! If you are not sure what Franco worked on read more about his work on Patrick the Werewolf Boy (A title I am in love with!!) and Tiny Titans (Coming out soon!) ...also so much more work by going to the link above.

Oh also for this year stay tuned for the newest issue of Ed the Sock's comic title Ed and Red's Comic Strip for some cuteness! Liana wrote a super awesome short story that I illustrated for the book.