Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Horrible Dell Story

Now I never thought of Dell as a bad company before or anything. Sure I will admit their shipping can take a little long, since when I ordered my computer from them it took about two or so weeks. But I thought nothing of least not till now.

Since my laptop finally gave died on me in July I decided it was about time I got a new one. Around July 9th or 10th I went on the Dell website and placed an order for a lovely 2gig ram green laptop. I was totally excited! The order was processed by July 11th and I was expected to get my laptop by July 30th. Now I knew the wait was a little long, but hell, for a good quality laptop why not wait.

I headed off to San Diego and got back July 30th. All excited I called my mom (This was where the laptop was to ship since I did not want to miss it in all my traveling) and I was sad to find out my laptop never arrived. I decided to wait till the next day to see if it may just be late and if not I would give Dell a call.

So the next day rolls around and no laptop. Of course I began to worry and with that I gave Dell a call. I got a woman on the phone and I told her how my laptop did not arrive. She looked into it and at first she said it was back ordered, which surprised me. Since when I placed the order in the first place it was still in stock. I told her to look into it again. Then she said Oh wait, its not in back order after all. At this point I was really getting confused on what was going on. She went ahead to tell me that "She did not know what was happening with my laptop" After being put on hold one more time she goes ahead to tell me that yes, it really is in back order and they have to order it from Kentucky or some place like that and it would not arrive till mid August!! I went ahead to tell her this was unacceptable. I was never informed of any delays, I was never informed of any backorder, I just sat there like a moron waiting for my laptop to come in. She said there was going to be an email sent out to explain this situation (And A note that to date I never got this email). Now to also inform you I was being put on and off hold for a good 15 or more minutes while she phoned around trying to figure out what was happening with my laptop. How well organized... I guess my saying its unexceptable comment got to her, because she started to tell me how its back to school and yadda yadda yadda. But a good business would know what if you have promotions on the web and on tv you have to be ready for a very possitive reponse. Saying you did not expect this to happen is just silly. And to top off our conversation she said to get more information I would have to talk to a different department for more straight answers, she was just plain old customer support, and everyone knows that customer support and internet order customer support are two different things. Thanks a lot,she could have told me this at the beginning and I would not have to waste what was getting close to half an hour or her rambling and confusion.

Finally she was kind enough to connect me to the right department and I talked to a genteman named Harry. I explained my situation and at first he seemed understanding. I told him I was not willing to wait till mid August for my laptop since I was never informated of any delays and I was not being treated properly. I went ahead to telling him that if I did not have my laptop by August 8th I would call one more time and if that call it was to cancel my order. He told me not to worry, he said "Don't worry don't worry. I will make sure you have it by then!" I was pleased. He was the one taking care of my order and he assured me I would have my laptop, sounds like everything was going to be okay. August 8th was acutally the day before I was to head off to Chicago and no laptop to be seen. I thought since it was the long weekend that week and monday was a holiday I would just give them time. I was about to leave for Chicago and no need my laptop anyways.

So I return home from Chicago on monday. And guess what...NO LAPTOP! Boy, I sure was not surprised. I decited to give Dell another call. I reached Harry again and he asked how I got his extention. I was a little surprised and I told him he gave it to me. Then I asked about my laptop. And here is the kicker...THEY CANCELED IT WITHOUT MY SAY SO!!!!!! No email, no phone call, no nothing. Was I upset? OH YA I WAS! I just asked for the manager. Guess what!? I got the voice mail, once again I was not surprised.

So here I am, waiting for a call from the manager. Or more like about to place another call to the manager. I want to explain my situation to make sure it does not happen to anyone else. The service I recived has been the most unorganized and unpleasuent to date.

Would I recomment Dell to any of my friends or family? NOPE!
Would I say that you recomment Dell to any of your friends or family? NOPE!

Who knows it could be someone you know that something like this happens to next. I just rather prevent it before it happens, or finally have Dell learn how to run their company and how to treat their customers properly.

In the end, I guess Apple just got a new customer.

On a side note, I know for sure there are spelling errors in this and I'm sorry for that ahead of time :)

Mike Wieringo Tribute

Mike Wieringo 1963-2007

Now I myself never got the pleasure to meet Mike in person, but I was always a fan of his art. I know how much he ment to my boyfriend and the whole comic community. He was a great artist and a great man. He will be greatly missed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Super Ice Cream Break

Even SuperGirls need an ice cream break every now and then :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Chicago Art

Here are some pieces I remembered to take pictures of that I did in Chicago. I had a blast being kept drawing at my table. Gave me a chance to meet many cool people who came by to look at my work and say hello!! Most of these are commissions and others are gifts for some wonderful friends :)

So enjoy the artwork! Also if you don't see your piece here your more then welcome to send it my way and I would love to put it up! Because I know there are a number of pieces I forgot to take a picture of.



Another Supergirl


Wonder Twins!

Betty Page!


My Tribal Girl

A girl's Elf character


This was the first convention I started to use a textured brown paper. I found it by mistake at my place because the paper was left over from prints. I tried it out and I loved the look so I tried it out for the convention. It became a hit!



Spirited Away



Another Grace

Red Sonja

Another Totoro


Enjoy the art! And I promise to upload more San Diego pictures as well this week :)

Back Home From Chicago

So this morning we got back home from Chicago and I think Francis and I spent almost the whole day sleeping. Even though I did get some sleep in the car, I was totally fried today.

So now was a blast. I got a chance to meet lots of new people and get to know new friends. I spent almost the whole convention at my table busy with commissions and what not, but on Sunday we closed down shop early to spend the rest of the con walking around. But...I could not find anything cool to busy, except a few patches for my bag.

I did manage to get a few pictures, but not many. Here are the pictures that I was able to get.

This is a picture of my drawing table at home. As you can see I have two cards displaying artwork by Art Baltazar. I had the pleasure of meeting Art Baltazar and Franco (Who have their totally cool book Patrick the Wolf Boy that I could not put down once I got a copy of it) and now are working on something for the new DC kids line! They are working on Tiny Titans and I can't wait to pick it up when it comes out around January! They were only a few of the wonderful people I got to meet on my trip to Chicago and I really hope I can keep in contact with them.

With my friend Adrian from Runaways right beside me it attacked a nice crowd for his work. In that crowd we even found the Runaways themselves! So cool...

Cbei and Heather in their awesome costumes!! They were so sweet at the con and visited me at my table many times with Jester. Thanks a lot for keeping me company guys! You totally rock :)

Cool Costume of a girl dressed up as the Dark Supergirl

Me and Liana who is dressed up as Power Girl. And man can she pull of that costume!! She was dressed up as Batgirl durning as well. I must say that she has some of the coolest costumes I have ever seen.

Most costumes! Here is Aural, SuperChicka, and Cbei in their costumes...Yes Aurel is dressed up as ummm SuperBoy? hehe....

This is a cool piece of Totoro done by Joel Gomez as a gift for a friend :)

This costume made me laugh

Spiderman (Peter) and me. I met Peter last year, but we barely got to talk till this year. He was kind enough to bring people from the Aspen Forum to my table for me to meet!! Thank you soooo much for that and hanging out with me at my table. It was totally cool hanging out

The wonderful Heather and me. Look Heather's hair looks like my hair too! I have green hair hehe

Now this is sooooo awesome. Francis did a sketch on someone's Xbox cover!!! I saw this and I loved it and I know who ever this is they will love it too

Ths BioShock guy!!! Can't wait till the game it out

And finally...Sunday after the show. Shawn, Kalman, Francis, and I grab some food before our long drive home

Monday, August 6, 2007

Cottage Con

This sunday I drove north of Toronto to Jacksons Point to attend a one day paradise comic convention. This convention was taking place away from the city in a small town,so it was a nice change. Also had beaches every where. My dog Otis came with us hoping to take a nice swim in the water....but all the beaches were listed as no dogs allowed. So that sucked and Otis was sad. At least he was able to spend the whole day with me!

Here are some commissions I did at the con. The first commssion shown here was the biggest one I ever did to date. So many characters! But it was a blast to draw :)

Here is Ivy with Harley:

The Green Lantern:

Starfire with Catwoman:

Green Lantern with Green Arrow:


Here is my doggy sporting his SuperDog costume:

Now off to the con itself:

My best friend Jenn who drove up with me and kept me company at the con:

And a view from my corner table of the whole con itself:

I will be posting more San Diego picturs this week :)

Friday, August 3, 2007

San Diego Day 2

So here are pictures of day 2 of san diego. Francis and I really did not spend much time at the con itself because he was playing in the DC vs Marvel baseball game and after that we had dinner.

Here we are on the bus on our way to the game. Here is Matt and Francis enjoying the ride:

The rest of the bus enjoying the ride:

We arrive at the game. Francis and the others (yes I am on the DC side. Had to cheer everyone on!) just hanging out while the game starts to take place:

Even a dog came by to help out with the game:

Oops...almost forgot about the rest of the game :)
Back to Francis:

And Jim gets a hit!

I was also able to capture a home run for DC!

Oh my......

Just hanging out enjoying the game:

More hanging out. This time we have Jann Jones! She was one of the many people I got a chance to meet at the con and not to mention one of the best people to talk too as well. She won me over with her cool TokiDoki bag :)

And the game is over...DC lost once again :( But there is always next year! I know I enjoyed the game. Fun to watch and I had Jann to talk to almost the whole time so I was kept busy :)

Group Shot!

Here is a shot of dinner. It was loads of fun and great food! yum yum yum...

That completes the pictures of day 2. Tomorrow I will try to add pictures of day 3 and so on. Now I must get back to work. I'm sitting here with my work on an art board pretending to get work done as I upload pictures hehe.

Take care and till next time!!