Thursday, September 27, 2007

One book finished, another starting, and commissions!

Soooo.... Book 1 of Black Bastard is now finished! It should be out some time next year and now I have 3 more books to go :) All I have to say about book 1 is that it was a wonderful roller coaster ride!! When the book is out I recommend everyone pick it up! I will also find out if I can post a few more sneak peaks of the book.

In other news I am working on another book slowly as well. This one is in my mini style and an all ages book. I will make sure to post more information as I get more of the book done. All I have to say is that this book is so much fun and so awesome! I'm a fan of the writer and working with him is just wonderful! So stay tuned for more information about that as well.

In addition to all this interesting news, I have some new commissions to show off! These ones were extra special to work on because not only are they are a friend, but they are for my friend's new baby room!! I was totally stoked working on these pieces and I love how they came out!

Anywho, enjoy these till next time :)

Sunday, September 2, 2007


OtisVille has been updated!! Finally...I know. Go to Otisville to view some super cute doggy pictures :)

Images from Toronto and beyond!

Here are some commissions I did pre-hand for the Toronto convention that just passed, as well as Commissions which I shipped away to Germany....

I promise to post more soon :)

Toronto commissions and for table display: The Supergirl is still for sale :)

A gift to my friend Marcus To, he did a sketch for me as well. It was rogue and it turned out totally hot! In return he got a mini flash :)

Commissions that I shipped away to Germany to a lovely lady and her daughter there. She commissioned me before and its always nice to hear from her :)