Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas, Commission, and Many Things to Do!

I must start by saying this...where the heck has this year gone?? Christmas is now a month away! That is nuts. Another year older I will become. This will also be Otis' first Christmas, where the pup will get lots of toys and treats. Francis' also gave our home a little Christmas treat.....we got a nice Christmas tree! This is our first real tree, well the tree is fake, but last year we had a little mini tree. Not this year! Its a nice big tree that we are making all pretty. I will post pictures once its all finished being decorated.

Now I have been getting emails about commissions as Christmas gifts, for yourself or for others. If you are interested in getting a commission before Christmas please email me soon since the list is starting to get filled up.

Here is a commission I just sent out today:

Super cute and super fun to draw!

In other news,

My site will most likely go down for a day or two around the Christmas holidays. I am planning a site change. After the new layout is up and running if anyone finds any broken links, please email me since I will be deleting a lot of images and I want to make sure I don't delete anything I need...or wrong links.

Also, the two projects I'm working on are trucking along. I am still not sure of any release dates, but it will be some time next year. I'm really excited to have more published work out there! Till the day that they are out on the shelves I'm enjoying working on them very much. Also I will be going more information in the future on what I'm working on, once they are closer to completion.

So enjoy everyone!


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