Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Your Spirit Will Live On

I think by now most of you have heard that Michael Turner passed away this weekend. The sadness could be felt though out the convention in Chicago from all his friends and fans. Along with the sadness, the love for Mike could also be felt and so many came out to show how much they cared.

I only really got to know Mike these past three years, but I have always been a fan of his work. Every convention that Francis and I attended, I looked forward to spending time with Mike and everyone at Aspen. I remember three years ago I made a little evilrabbit statues which I gave to the guys at Aspen. Mike really loved his and he told me that he displayed it in his house, which made me really happy. Mike was also my number one sticker fan. Every convention when he saw me hanging out at Aspen he asked me if I made any new stickers and I made sure to never disappoint. He was such a sweet guy, always took the time to talk to me and catch up on things. He would never let you know anything was wrong. Always had a smile on his face. I am so happy that I got to call him a friend.

Mike's spirit will always live on in all of us. He was one of the most wonderful people I ever met and also one of the most talented.

His company Aspen Comics is also encouraging anyone wishing to do so to send a charitable donation big or small in Mike's name to The American Cancer Society or the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Mike, you will always be remembered!

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