Thursday, May 3, 2007

Toronto ComiCon Fun!

Back in April Francis and I attended a ComicCon for HobbyStar on April 13th to 15th. I was able to snag some photos of a few commissions I did and some photos of the convention itself. It was a really fun convention, but it did get really slow on Sunday. That just gave me more time to chat away and take photos.

Here are a few commissions that I did and I remembered to take photos of:

Come really cute mini commissions :)

and lastly, here are some pictures from the convention itself:

To start off, Francis! If you look behind him you can see his cool new banner that he just got done before the convention.

Across from my table there was Andy sketching away (look the expression!) and Matthew having a little chat with him. I thought it best if I joined it :)

Don't I just look wonderful? (Just a side note...this is not real fur)

Francis once again, this time deep in thought..or it seems that way at least

Right beside us was the very talented artist Kent Burles. I think any chance I got I looked over to see what he was up to at his table. His work is just so wonderful! And I even got an original piece of artwork from him!

I stopped by Mike Choi's table while he was busy at work sketching. If you look at his table you can see his wonderful Timmy's coffee and chocolate collection

And wonderful Billy Tan taking a moment to relax!

I happened to be running by and I just could not get away from this group shot!

And lastly Ivan Reis pays Mike a visit

Hope you enjoyed all the photos!

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