Friday, August 3, 2007

San Diego Day 2

So here are pictures of day 2 of san diego. Francis and I really did not spend much time at the con itself because he was playing in the DC vs Marvel baseball game and after that we had dinner.

Here we are on the bus on our way to the game. Here is Matt and Francis enjoying the ride:

The rest of the bus enjoying the ride:

We arrive at the game. Francis and the others (yes I am on the DC side. Had to cheer everyone on!) just hanging out while the game starts to take place:

Even a dog came by to help out with the game:

Oops...almost forgot about the rest of the game :)
Back to Francis:

And Jim gets a hit!

I was also able to capture a home run for DC!

Oh my......

Just hanging out enjoying the game:

More hanging out. This time we have Jann Jones! She was one of the many people I got a chance to meet at the con and not to mention one of the best people to talk too as well. She won me over with her cool TokiDoki bag :)

And the game is over...DC lost once again :( But there is always next year! I know I enjoyed the game. Fun to watch and I had Jann to talk to almost the whole time so I was kept busy :)

Group Shot!

Here is a shot of dinner. It was loads of fun and great food! yum yum yum...

That completes the pictures of day 2. Tomorrow I will try to add pictures of day 3 and so on. Now I must get back to work. I'm sitting here with my work on an art board pretending to get work done as I upload pictures hehe.

Take care and till next time!!

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