Monday, August 13, 2007

Back Home From Chicago

So this morning we got back home from Chicago and I think Francis and I spent almost the whole day sleeping. Even though I did get some sleep in the car, I was totally fried today.

So now was a blast. I got a chance to meet lots of new people and get to know new friends. I spent almost the whole convention at my table busy with commissions and what not, but on Sunday we closed down shop early to spend the rest of the con walking around. But...I could not find anything cool to busy, except a few patches for my bag.

I did manage to get a few pictures, but not many. Here are the pictures that I was able to get.

This is a picture of my drawing table at home. As you can see I have two cards displaying artwork by Art Baltazar. I had the pleasure of meeting Art Baltazar and Franco (Who have their totally cool book Patrick the Wolf Boy that I could not put down once I got a copy of it) and now are working on something for the new DC kids line! They are working on Tiny Titans and I can't wait to pick it up when it comes out around January! They were only a few of the wonderful people I got to meet on my trip to Chicago and I really hope I can keep in contact with them.

With my friend Adrian from Runaways right beside me it attacked a nice crowd for his work. In that crowd we even found the Runaways themselves! So cool...

Cbei and Heather in their awesome costumes!! They were so sweet at the con and visited me at my table many times with Jester. Thanks a lot for keeping me company guys! You totally rock :)

Cool Costume of a girl dressed up as the Dark Supergirl

Me and Liana who is dressed up as Power Girl. And man can she pull of that costume!! She was dressed up as Batgirl durning as well. I must say that she has some of the coolest costumes I have ever seen.

Most costumes! Here is Aural, SuperChicka, and Cbei in their costumes...Yes Aurel is dressed up as ummm SuperBoy? hehe....

This is a cool piece of Totoro done by Joel Gomez as a gift for a friend :)

This costume made me laugh

Spiderman (Peter) and me. I met Peter last year, but we barely got to talk till this year. He was kind enough to bring people from the Aspen Forum to my table for me to meet!! Thank you soooo much for that and hanging out with me at my table. It was totally cool hanging out

The wonderful Heather and me. Look Heather's hair looks like my hair too! I have green hair hehe

Now this is sooooo awesome. Francis did a sketch on someone's Xbox cover!!! I saw this and I loved it and I know who ever this is they will love it too

Ths BioShock guy!!! Can't wait till the game it out

And finally...Sunday after the show. Shawn, Kalman, Francis, and I grab some food before our long drive home

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