Monday, August 6, 2007

Cottage Con

This sunday I drove north of Toronto to Jacksons Point to attend a one day paradise comic convention. This convention was taking place away from the city in a small town,so it was a nice change. Also had beaches every where. My dog Otis came with us hoping to take a nice swim in the water....but all the beaches were listed as no dogs allowed. So that sucked and Otis was sad. At least he was able to spend the whole day with me!

Here are some commissions I did at the con. The first commssion shown here was the biggest one I ever did to date. So many characters! But it was a blast to draw :)

Here is Ivy with Harley:

The Green Lantern:

Starfire with Catwoman:

Green Lantern with Green Arrow:


Here is my doggy sporting his SuperDog costume:

Now off to the con itself:

My best friend Jenn who drove up with me and kept me company at the con:

And a view from my corner table of the whole con itself:

I will be posting more San Diego picturs this week :)

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